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PostSubject: READ THE RULES!   Tue 27 Feb 2007 - 16:43

This is a Kou Shibasaki fan forum. As it is a community, we would still like to have some rules, even if we don't want many of them. Some rules are needed, as it is actually necessary. It is the backbone if you'd like.
We are all here for a common interest. Kou Shibasaki, but we still have a lot of fun times here, and many discussions. Not only about Kou, but about all sort of things. Don't be afraid to start posting. We are all very welcoming of new members. If you want to introduce yourself, you can do so here

If you have any questions, no matter how big or small. Don't hesitate to ask any of the administrators, moderators or even the other members.



1. Keep any racist statements to yourself, as well as insults. We don't want this here, as we want a nice atmosphere. Try to stay polite, BUT most important, have fun, most members here are nice people, and we are a small community of friends.

2. Please try to refrain from posting a reply to old topics, it isn't necessary to bring it up again unless it is completely necessary. Therefore, going into a post for a drama, single etc, just to say you like this single, is unneeded, since most will most likely not pay attention to it. (Also post counts are not needed in this forum, therefore posting in threads just to get a higher post count is unnecessary as well.)

3. Try to respects other members opinions. If someone think your favourite singer/actress isn't very talented, don't throw a fit and yell at the member. They just have a different taste.

4. Media downloads will be available for the Special Members group. These download will be in the Media section of the board. This includes; Photos, audio and videos.

5. As far as the Special Members go. These are members that have shown to be active around here. However, post counts does not really matter. You will not become a special member just by posting loads of posts in a short number of days. Have patient, and stay active. We do not expect you to come on every day, so don't worry about that.

6. Unfortunately there are members who are inactive and have no posts. Their accounts will be deleted after a few months. We don't really want people that comes here for information, or to steal for example translations done by the other members, who have worked hard.

7. If you take information from this forum, or you as a member post something here. Please credit, don't claim things as your own, if you have had nothing to do with it. Some people work hard on it, and not crediting, is like stealing.
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